Rickson Gracie – Undefeated Champion

“The most important thing is not victory…The most important thing is not being defeated.” – Rickson Gracie

Rickson Gracie: Citizen of Humanity


Rickson Gracie-The Warrior From Within

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts fans alike can all agree upon one thing; the Gracie family changed our lives forever.  With a rich history, rooted in lure, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the longest time was a sport tucked away in Brazil, hidden from the masses.

Until UFC 1, when Royce Gracie made BJJ known to the world, no one knew what it really was.  From then, the world of combat sports changed.  However, Royce wasn’t the only Gracie member changing the sport for the better.

Royce’s half brother, Rickson, has had just as big an impact on the sport as Royce has.  Rickson, who at 5’10” seems much larger than his measurements suggest, has accomplished a lifetime of accolades on the mat and in the ring – here’s his full record on wikipedia

However, now in his 50’s, Rickson can look back on his career and accomplishments with great fondness.

“Courage Is Essential For The Warrior.”

With all the skills in the world, and poor mental preparation, you are simply nothing but a target.  Being able to pump your chest out and claim to be the best holds no weight if you don’t have the belief in yourself.

This was a point Rickson states make a warrior, in fact—as you can tell from the above quote—it’s essential for the warrior to possess courage.

However, courage is frivolous if one does not have inspiration to draw from.  For Rickson, a man known for snapping limbs and punching faces, he finds his inspiration from the world around him.  Nature, art, music, it all influences him and his decisions.

Success is normally something we set on ourselves.  If we don’t have a chance to meet our goals, then it’s deemed a failure.  Yet, Rickson does not view his success in such a black-and-white manner.  “I never expect much,” Gracie admits, “I obey my heart.”

“The Journey Should Be Based On Passion.”

How many times have you been told to do what you love?  Find something that drives you and run with it!  Ah yes, the typical rah-rah speech we here every day.  However, for Rickson, it’s more than just a motivational tactic; it’s a way of life.

“If you love what you do,” Rickson explains, “you’ll be able to overcome any obstacle.”
It’s clear that Rickson found what he love as a child, and ran with it.  To him, Martial Arts brings peace to his being, it gives him fulfillment.

From the mat to the ring, Rickson Gracie is a staple in the combat sporting world, and has made his presence felt.  When you look up “warrior” in the dictionary, expect a picture of Rickson Gracie’s face to be right there staring at you.

Dan Faggella

Dan Faggella is a BJJ Pan Am Champion, Expert Analyst and Writer. You can read more about his match breakdowns, technique and training strategy at ScienceofSkill.com

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